San Francisco Property Design Remodel

You don't want to get average rents for your apartment, you want rental amounts on the higher end of the range, right?

In order to garner top rents, your unit needs to look great and feature some amenities to attract people. The typical lifespan of a kitchen and bathroom is about 20 years before functional obsolescence sets in. Beyond that, it should be refreshed to project a more contemporary look. Your property is competing with newly constructed units that are coming online all the time and will continue to do so in greater numbers in the coming future.

We offer complete remodel and design consulting services for our management clients.

Allow us to design a new kitchen or bathroom that will appeal to the masses focusing on opening up closed spaces, creating connectivity within the living space with an accents of tasteful lighting and finishes.

We will coordinate the retention of building permits, hiring of all subcontractors, supervision of the project to finish, and selection of all finishes within budget.

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