Rental Application Procedure and Qualifications

In order to assure a fair and impartial application process, applications are processed on a first come, first qualified, first served basis and in accordance with all Fair Housing laws. After receipt of the completed and signed application and the $30.00 application fee, our office will process the application beginning with a credit report. Unsigned applications will not be processed. Approval or denial of an applicant is based on three criteria; verifiable income, credit rating, employment & landlords references.

• Income: You must prove that the rental amount is economically feasible to you. By this, you must prove that the combined monthly gross income of all occupants is three times the monthly rent. Copies of the most current pay-stubs are the preferred method of verification. If your position has not yet commenced, a copy of the offer letter from the HR dept will suffice. For self employed applicants, a copy of your W-2 and current bank statement will be sufficient documentation.

• Credit Rating: One of the most important criteria is your credit report. Your credit rating is a record of your ability to pay your debts in a timing and efficient manner. Negative credit is habitual late payments, charged-off accounts, collection accounts, evictions, and multiple bankruptcies. Your information is confidential and is retained in our records file for 4 years. Copies of credit reports must be obtained from the credit-reporting agency, directly.

• Employment References: Proof of current or pending employment is required before a decision to rent can be rendered. Please supply the name of a supervisor, HR manager, or other person in position of authority to disperse such information. Since time is of the essence, please include all this information on your application.

Please allow 24 hours for response time to process an application. Applications received over the the weekend will be processed on the following Monday unless otherwise stated. CLICK HERE FOR OUR RENTAL APPLICATION.